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cVIGIL - Election Commission of India

Presently there is a lack of fast information channel to transmit and track complaints on MCC violations. Delay in reporting of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) violations has often resulted in the culprits escaping detection from the flying squads of election commission entrusted to ensure enforcement of Model Code of Conduct. Further, lack of any documented, untampered, evidence in the form of pictures or videos was a major hurdle in establishing the veracity of a complaint ex-post facto. The Commission’s experience has also shown a significant percentage of reporting was false or inaccurate, which led to wastage of precious time of Field Units. Further, the absence of a robust response system to quickly and accurately identify the scene of occurrence with the help of geographical location details hampered election officers’ ability to reach the spot on time to apprehend the violators.

National Grievances Redressal System

The Integrated National Contact Centre of Election Commission of India is operated on a National Grievance Redressal System Software, which is the fastest way to lodge your grievance. This software is a single window platform to manage complaints and feedback received through calls, emails, SMS and website access in an integrated and time-bound manner. Callers may connect with the executives to register a complaint and know about its status of receipt and disposal as well as to give suggestions and feedback at every step of the way.

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Call on 1950 to file election related issues

Call us at 1950 (Toll-Free) of National Contact Centre for any election related query between 8 AM to 8 PM.